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クリスマス・イブの夜、ベッドの中でサンタの鈴の音がしないかと耳を澄ませていたあの頃、クリスマスの朝、ガブリエルさん姉弟はサンタが来た証拠を見つけたようです。 On Christmas Eve, Gabrielle and her brother listen for sounds of Santa and his reindeer to visit their home. On Christmas morning, they found proof that St. Nick actually came…

声優: Kerry
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返事は11件“アメリカ発!新米ママさん日記 第4話: 【サンタの証拠発見!】-Christmas”にあります。





avatar Peter:

Gabrielle, wow, you did it again. :dogeza: You really have a knack for capturing holidays just as I remember them. Incredible.

avatar Toshi:

Maxiewawa, what do you mean by “stinking?” And where are you from?

avatar Javizy:

‘Stinking’ just adds (a slightly negative) emphasis there, just like ‘incredibly’, ‘unbelievably’, etc. And I believe Max is from Australia.

It surprises me that a lot of UK English terms are used in Australia but not in America. I think Max mentioned ‘legend’ the other day in the ‘you helped me out big-time/you’re great’ sense. I wonder what an Aussie would make of some of these:

You’re out of order.
You’re having me on/you’re pulling my leg/you’re having a laugh.
That’s proper wrong/you’re a wrongun.
He’s such a ponce.
That guy is a nonce.
What are you waffling about?
She’s fit.
Your bird is dressed like a prozza, mate.

It’s funny that people in the south of England use ‘mate’ a lot, but the accent is a mile away from the stereotypical Aussie ‘g’day mate’.

avatar Peter:

Max, what’s wrong with you. :mad: You need to watch a bunch of X-mas movies to get in the holiday spririt.

Javizy, thanks for getting back to Toshi! :dogeza:

As for the phrases you put up there, I know for a fact “She’s fit.” is used. :wink: I have a friend who uses this all the time.

As for the story, I was listening to it again, and I the part about trying to wake up parents really struck home. I can also remember this. Recently we exchange gifts on x-mas eve, but I still remember trying to get mom and dad out of bed so that we could open the presents.

Thanks again Gabrielle :grin:

avatar TheBlip:

I think “Secret Santa” is called “Kris Kringle” around this part of the world… :P

and Christmas is usually spent around a barbecue or at the beach with family and friends because it’s the Summer Holidays… :) And on 26thDec , Boxing Day, we’d all gather round to watch the Boxing Day Test Match! (cricket)

avatar アツシ:

もうすぐクリスマス :grin:
サンタにはなれないけど、周りの人を幸せにできる奴になりたい~~ :smile:

avatar sachiko:




avatar Mariko:

sachikoさん、私も同じです!親の字だ〜って気づいて、ほんとにショックだった。 :neutral:
レッスンさいこーでした :kokoro: :kokoro:


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