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今日から3週間、買い物に関する会話を見ていきます。今日のテーマは、店員さんとの会話です。海外のお店ではたいてい、店員さんが「こんにちわ」「お元気ですか?」と声をかけてきますので、気持ちよく返事ができるようになりましょう! Sales clerks love to talk to customers! Be sure to practice how to respond before you go shopping!

声優: Bob Werley
司会: Sachiko, Marky
講座: すぐに使える中級英会話 |
文法: | 機能: | テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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返事は10件“すぐに使える中級英会話 第4回:【海外旅行でショッピング!】-Shopping Part 1”にあります。

avatar Scott Curry:

Haha! I’m not sure if WalMart sells guns anymore, but there is a gun shop 15 minutes from my house that sells machine guns. AK-47s for $1200! I don’t need that much firepower, but its a little crazy, what you can purchase in the US. I just like to shoot my guns for fun at the range, kinda like Duck Hunt on Nintendo! At a mall near my house there is a store called Bass Pro Shop. They have a firing range inside! In the mall! That is just too crazy! :shock:

I had a similar experience at the mall while shopping for a sweat shirt. The salesman was a little ‘too interested’ in what I was buying. I found it a little creepy, actually. Your sales man sounds like Big Gay Al from South Park! :lol:

Some sales people can get a bit annoying if you are just browsing. I usually say “just looking” or I ignore them. If it’s a guy, I usually say “i’m all good, man”, which is a REALLY casual way of saying ‘just looking’. :mrgreen:


avatar Peter:

My high school had a rifle team that, I believe, practiced in the basement… :shock:
I am pretty sure that program ended.

avatar アツシ:

今度、機会があったら挑戦してみます! :hachimaki:

avatar Chris Hart (KC8UFV):

John -
That’s not normal. That sales clerk is looking to loose his job, or worse.

avatar Yuki:

Dialogues related to shopping are very helpful.
I always shop when I go overseas.
Thank you for this lesson. Will there be more lessons about shopping?

avatar zzz29:

Yukiさんのいうように、ほんとうに助かります :dogeza:

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英語の学習(英会話)はポッドキャストで!無料で! - すぐに使える中級英会話 第4回:【海外旅行でショッピング!】-Shopping Part 1…


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