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今日のテーマは引き続き、アポのとりかたです。先週の会話では、幼馴染のジョーイに電話をいれたマイクさんは、ランチの日時を設定しましたが、場所を決めるのを忘れてしまいましたね。2分後、マイクさんがまたかけなおしたというのが今日の会話の設定です。親しい友人同士の会話なので、言葉使いはとてもカジュアルです。それでは会話を聞いてみましょう。 Today, Mike calls back his friend Joey to set a location for their lunch meeting. Where will they go for lunch?

声優: Bob Werley
司会: Sachiko, Peter
講座: すぐに使える中級英会話 |
機能: | テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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返事は7件“すぐに使える中級英会話 第10回: アポの取り方 2-Making an Appointment Part 2”にあります。


Now where can Joey be working ???? I get all kind of funny pictures in my head of Joey turning up dressed as… I don’t know… KFC Colonel Saunders ? Ronald MacDonald ? Or even worse… :twisted: I want to eat oysters too …. hmm… where has everybody gone , btw ? Comment, anyone ?

avatar Peter:

プチクレア, Peter here. Yes, where has everyone gone! :grin:
I would love to know too! We’ll have to ask the write, Sachiko. She is an expert on New York, so I am sure there was inspiration behind this story. I would like to know too!

Sachiko, please let us know! :dogeza:

avatar maxiewawa:

Eeee in Itunes it seems that didn’t get the entire lesson, but I come to the site and it’s all here! Maybe that’s why!

avatar プチクレア:

Hi Peter! Hi Max!

Maybe everyone else is in the park having lunch…

I’ve been listening to the dialog again, and… Dress !?!?!?

Now I’m getting very afraid…

avatar Sachiko:

Guys, hold your horses!!

I really didn’t have anything specific in mind when I wrote abuot Joey’s dress. I just thought it was a funny line…
But hey, give us your ideas! Where do you think Joey should work???

avatar プチクレア:

Oh, Sachiko先生, do you have ANY idea how dangerous that could be ?

I picture Joey as short and chubby. He’s working in a children restaurant, playing Baby Bear in a stage re-enactment of Goldilocks. However, since the girl playing Goldilocks is sick (or pregnant), and he’s the shortest actor on stage, and the bears only meet the heroin at the very end of the story, he also plays the Goldilocks part… :roll:

avatar Mariko:

” Joey: Someplace close to work might be nice.”
とありますが、”might be nice”と “may be nice”のちがいは何ですか? まったく同じと考えていいのでしょうか? :roll:


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