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3月はイエス・キリストの復活祭、イースターの季節です。アメリカの家庭では、綺麗な色で染めた卵を飾って祝います。イースターの準備について、ガブリエルさんの体験を語ってもらいました。 Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. In America, people color eggs and use them as decorations. What kind of experience does Gabrielle have? Tune in to find out!

声優: Kerry
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返事は8件“アメリカ発!新米ママさん日記 第18話: 【復活祭】-Easter”にあります。


Do you have any good memories of Easter?

avatar Cory:


avatar プチクレア:

When I was a child, spring school holidays usually took place around Easter, and on Easter morning I would go chocolate-egg hunting in the garden around my parents’ summer-house. My parents told me that church bells had flown away all over the world to Rome and in the night between saturday and Easter sunday they would all fly back and sprinkle the gardens with chocolate eggs. That also explained why the bells were silent since Maundy Thursday and would suddenly come back to life on Easter morning

We usually don’t paint eggs for Easter in France, but we eat tons of chocolate : chocolate eggs of course, but children also usually receive big hollow chocolate eggs/chicken/bell/fish filled with smaller chocolates…


avatar ☆YUKI☆:

アメリカに留学中、イースターの日に教会に行きました。みんなとても元気で、クリスチャンにとってはこんなに特別な日なんだ~  :shock:  と驚いたことを覚えています。キャセロールとか、おいしい食事もいっぱいでした☆今年は日本の教会もイースターにのぞいてみようかな  :razz:

avatar Cory:

Oh, I have read that French folklore in a book before! Flying church bells…. Kind of scary isn’t it, if you think about it?
Yeah, in Easter, we eat a lot of chocolate, but I have never seen fish-shaped chocolate before.
And thanks for posting the picture of the chocolate. おいしそう!

☆YUKI☆: >

avatar KAZU:


avatar Cory:

Oh…. I guess he found a way to get his job done quickly.

avatar christmas wishes:

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is an excellent analogy. There is nothing in the world that a little music
cannot heal. There are many Christmas ideas about the Christmas
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