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今日のテーマは政治です。皆さん、「男女平等の権利」はご存知ですよね?この度、意外なものがニューヨーク市でこの権利を得たそうです。日本では考えられない事実に耳を傾けてみましょう。このレッスンで紹介する英語表現のディクテーションにも挑戦してみてくださいね! このレッスンでは、ニューヨークで承認された「便所平等法」についてのニュースを英語で紹介しています。その法案内容とは、一体どんなものでしたか?法案の発起人は誰でしたか?このニュースが本当かどうかにも注意して、リスニングしてみましょう。ポッドキャスト英会話なら、iPodなどにダウンロードすれば、好きな時に何度でもリスニングできます。ポッドdeモット英会話-EnglishPod101.comで、すぐに使える英語を身につけましょう!

声優: Keith, Sachiko
司会: Sachiko, Keith
講座: これってホンマ?時事英語 |
テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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返事は8件“これってホンマ?時事英語 第11回: 【トイレ法案】-Potty Parity”にあります。


Would you support this legislation if you were there?

avatar プチクレア:

Wholeheartedly !!! LOL !!!

The worse thing I know is waiting in line for the women restroom in a theater when you know the break is about to end…

avatar maxiewawa:

Yes! I spend most of my life waiting for my girlfriend to emerge from the ladies’ room. After a fortnight of waiting, she finally comes out saying “sorry, there was a line!”

avatar Sachiko:

Berin, thanks for your comment on political correctness. Yes, it can get a bit much sometimes. And I agree, it’s the respect that counts the most. There is a funny book called (something like) politically correct fairy tales, like Cinderella rewritten to sound politically correct. It’s hilarious, check it out.

Regarding the potty parity bill:
As a woman who spends many hours waiting on line for the bathroom, yes, I appreciate laws like this. Everytime I go see a musical or opera, I barely get back to my seat in time after intermission. Sometimes I have to give up and wait until the end of the show. That can be annoying. Sometimes I wish I could just walk into the empty men’s room!

avatar Berin Loritsch:

Sachiko, I’ve seen that book. It is hilarious, much like the “Fractured French” book I’ve also seen. I enjoy books that really abuse a language. When I was young, my mother was a teacher and she shared with me “The History of the World According to Student Bloopers”, which I recently found on the web :lol:

Regarding the potty parity bill:
As a husband who has to wait for his wife, I appreciate legislation like this. As a man who has to hunt for a bathroom, I’d like builders to be a bit more understanding. At stadiums, the bathrooms are spread far apart, and it seems that no matter where I’m seated I have to walk halfway around the stadium just to find a mens room.

avatar Cory:


That sounds very interesting. I should check the politically correct fairy tales.

Oh, and I don’t think men would mind that much if a female used the men’s bathroom. A bit surprised, but they will be okay. lol

Berin Loritsch>
Thanks for the link. That was actually quite entertaining. “Sarah Dessert” sounds like a nice place to go…

Some buildings have signs that do a bad job of navigating people where they should go… Bathrooms should be easy to find for anyone, and signs should do a good job of navigating the customers…

avatar Jill Stevens:

As a person who frequently gets stuck waiting in long lines this bill is like Christmas come early. There will still probably be lines though :( .

avatar Henrietta Cantrell:

good luck


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