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今日のテーマは天気予報を確認することです。日本も最近そうですが、ニューヨークも本当に天気がころころ変わるんですよね。夕立とか多かったのを覚えています。今日の会話は、マイクさんとスーザンさんの長期休暇の初日。セントラルパークに行くと張り切っているマイクさんですが、果たして当日の天気予報は?早速聞いてみましょう! In today’s lesson, Mike and Susan are talking about the weather during their vacation. What is the weather? Listen in!

声優: Bob, Kerry
司会: Sachiko, Peter
講座: すぐに使える中級英会話 |
テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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返事は7件“すぐに使える中級英会話 第18回: 天気予報の確認- Checking the weather forecast”にあります。



avatar sachiko:



avatar プチクレア:

I never do either; I always have an umbrella in my bag, and I just have to hope it won’t be too windy to use it… my main problem is cold, as I almost never check the temperature either, and most of the time I leave my sweater or gloves home…

avatar Emi:

毎日、時間単位でチェックしちゃいます(汗)雨が降るか降らないかはあまり気にしないのですが、温度を毎日チェックします。以前は温度がよく分からずに外出して、薄着過ぎて風邪をひくという失敗をしましたので・・・  :oops:

avatar Christopher Hart (KC8UFV):

I don’t usually look at the local forcast, just the overview from the Storm Prediction Center. ( For example, it looks like a wet evening, but little/no chance of anything severe in this area. (I’m where OH, MI, and Lake Erie meet.) Areas in the green loop are at a slight risk for severe storms, in the red are at a moderate risk for severe storms. The boxier areas indicate storm watch boxes which generally are for 3-6 hours. The big loops are for 24 hrs, and occasionally revised. Severe Thunderstorm watches are Blue boxes, Tornado watches are Red boxes. A radar image is overlaid on all of this, showing what has recently happened.

For those not familiar with American geography, Michigan looks like a mitten, Ohio is South of the Eastern half of MI, Lake Erie is the body of water that streches from MI (at the west) to New York(at the east).

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