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今日のテーマは教育です。皆さん、「マクドナルド」はご存知ですよね?それでは、「マクドナルド」で働けば、学校の単位を取れるということについてはどうでしょうか?これから紹介するニュースを聞けば、驚くことがあるかもしれませんよ。また、このレッスンで紹介する英語の表現のディクテーションにも挑戦してみてくださいね! このレッスンで紹介する時事英語は、「マクドナルド」で働くと、学校の単位が取れるというイギリスの単位取得制度についてのニュースです。その制度の内容とは、一体どんなものでしたか?国が推奨する理由は何でしたか?このニュースが本当かどうかにも注意して、リスニングしてみましょう。ポッドキャスト英会話なら、iPodなどにダウンロードすれば、好きな時に何度でもリスニングできます。ポッドdeモット英会話-EnglishPod101.comで、すぐに使える英語を身につけましょう!

声優: Bob, Sachiko
司会: Sachiko, Bob
講座: これってホンマ?時事英語 |
テーマ: | 表現の丁寧さ:
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avatar プチクレア:


avatar Javizy:

I had to Google this one since we don’t have high schools, or graduation at that level :shock:

In England, compulsory education ends at age 16 with ‘9-10 GCSEs, which are done over 2 years and treated individually, in terms of passing/failing, so you could have on your CV ‘GCSEs A-C in English, maths, science’, even if you failed the other 6-7. You need a certain amount of grade-based points to qualify for A-levels though, which continue until age 18 and allow you to qualify for university.

Does the Japanese system mirror the American one, or does it have differences?

avatar sachiko:

Good question, Javizy.

In Japan, compulsory education consists of elementary school and junior high. High school is NOT mandatory, so everyone has to pass an entrance exam to get into high school. To graduate high school, you simply get enough credits that each school designates. University is the same. You take an entrance exam to get in and graduate when you have obtained enough credits. After high school, we can also choose to go to vocational school (2 years) to learn marketable skills or go to a two-year university.

Back to the paid learning though. I managed an English conversation school out of my parents’ home all through high school and college. I also had many interpreting and translation jobs in college. What I learned through those jobs — be it technical skills, people skills or management skills — were much more useful to me than schoolwork when I got out into the REAL WORLD. I think everyone should work at least part-time while they are still in school. Credit or no credit!

avatar KAZU:



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