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* 初級英会話自己紹介の仕方「大丈夫ですか?」の尋ね方電話のかけ方前置詞の使い方好き、嫌いの言い方不規則動詞の使い方 その他

* 中級英会話海外での買い物の仕方アポの取り方営業時間の尋ね方天気予報の確認の仕方レストランでの注文の仕方道の聞き方 その他

* 和製英語電気機器の和製英語性格を表す和製英語野球の和製英語医療関係の和製英語高齢化社会の和製英語エコに関する和製英語ビジネスに関する和製英語食べ物の和製英語 その他

* 音声ブログアメリカのクリスマスアメリカのハロウィーンアメリカのお正月アメリカのバレンタインアメリカのイースターアメリカの春アメリカのお墓参りアメリカのガレージセールアメリカの夏 その他

* 時事英語犯罪スポーツ政治芸能国際ニュース大学環境摂食障害健康リコール経済 その他

* Blog: 実用的電話対応アメリカのチップ制度アメリカの携帯電話事情アメリカでの結婚 その他


* 新機能!iPhoneアプリケーション: ワードパワー ワードパワー・ライト



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昇順 降順


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Learn English with! You are walking through the streets of Vancouver, enjoying your time off from school and work, when suddenly, you hear crying and yelling just ahead. As you get closer, you see a English storeowner and a teenage boy screaming loudly at each other! The storeowner is very angry and throws his arms around in fury. You look around you for answers from the crowd…no one is helping in any way. Crying, the teenager sits at a nearby bench, moping. But the storeowner follows him and starts pushing him, yelling more loudly! You don’t know what to do…but you feel you should do something. Pulling out your cell phone, you call the English police station – they can handle it. The dispatcher on the other end asks you in English, “I know you dislike what you hear, but please describe the scene for me so I can tell the police.” You explain in English, “There is a teenage boy, crying and moping. I see a very angry storeowner, yelling and complaining. And there is a scared woman running away, clutching her child to protect him.” Within minutes, the police arrive and have the situation under control. Looks like your English skills just helped make a very negative situation better.

Learning English with is the most fun and effective way to learn English! This English Video Vocabulary lesson will teach you how to talk about negative emotions in English. In this English vocabulary video, you will learn English by watching the video, seeing both English and English translations describing the video, and all while listening to the English translations being read aloud by our native English speakers. Visit us at where you will find many more great English lessons and learning materials! Leave us a message while you are there!

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